Modern Business Portrait

Business Portrait should prompt to looking at you, encourage conversation with you, to make viewer want to meet with you, feel the same emotion or at least smile to you in response, so not to remain indifferent.

At the same time, Business Portrait must be technically perfect and best adapted for use in social networks, communicators, instant messengers, corporate profiles, etc.

Therefore, we have identified the key characteristics and quality criteria of modern Business Portrait, which we control during the shooting and post-processing:


is a subjective assessment of a photo’s ability to attract attention

Бізнес Портрет | Business Portrait
  • Your emotion and facial expression

    only natural and sincere emotions that emphasize naturalness, confidence, professionalism, openness. No "fake smile"

  • Viewer's emotion

    that arises when viewing your photo. The ability of photography to draw attention and make viewer want to look at it again.

  • Eyes look only into the lens

    eyes is the mirror of the soul, and the main element in the photo! The farther you look from the lens, the less connection there will be with your interlocutors

  • Maximum of reality

    your photo should match your current appearance, status and age, and the amount of post-processing should be minimal. Excessive use of "Faceup" -like applications and filters - removes reality and adequate perception of you, and as a result, reduces the level of trust.

“Headshot” style

it is a close-up portrait from the chest and above

Бізнес Портрет | Business Portrait
  • Composition

    close-up, appropriate cropping and position in the frame, a good angle

  • Posture

    posture, body rotation, angle, head tilt, body part position, etc.

  • Lighting setup

    correctly selected lighting setup that makes the photos three-dimensional, emphasizes or hides certain details

  • Background

    monochromatic or gradient, as blurred as possible, should complement your style and not distract.

Technical quality

perfect photo specifications for any type of use

Business Portrait
  • Sharpness and clarity

    focus point on the eyes, clarity and sharpness of all important details, no blur and noise

  • Colors

    correct reproduction of skin tone, correct exposure, brightness, contrast

  • Nothing excessive in the frame

    no excessive elements on the background and clothes, nothing should distract attention

  • Adaptability

    for the best appearance in social networks, communicators, instant messengers and corporate profiles, we adapt each photo individually according to resolution, aspect ratio and orientation, cropping, sharpness, etc.

Corporate style

for group orders, we meet compliance with the uniform requirements for the style of the whole team

Бізнес Портрет | Business Portrait
  • Brand book

    compliance of photos of all your employees with the uniform corporate style, color scale and other requirements

  • Compositional stylistics

    equal size, cropping, posing and position in the frame of each employee

  • Lighting setup

    single lighting setup, the same backgrounds, interiors

  • Corporate symbols

    it is possible to use branded backgrounds, clothes and accessories.