We offer an individual approach for our corporate and private clients, and we are ready to meet any of your requirements and offer exclusive conditions to everyone. Contact us and we will provide a free consultation to help you choose the best option.

Individual package offers

We offer convenient, simple and attractive package offers for shooting in our photo studio “Headshot”. Each package includes the work of a photographer and an assistant, renting a studio and a make-up table, adaptation of “Avatar” for selected photos.

By genre it can be Business Portrait, Actor’s Portrait, Children’s Portrait, Individual Portrait, Brand / Fashion, etc.

  • “Basic Headshot” 5 000 uah

    his is the minimum basic portrait photo shoot in the Headshot Style (from the chest and above). Shooting, lasting about an hour, takes place on a white or light gray background in the "White" hall. During the photo shoot, to find your best look, we train and teach you to pose, find the optimal angle, tilt, try different emotions. We will have time to work out 1-2 characters or clothing options. Immediately after completion, you will receive 10 selected photos, with the adaptation of "Profile Picture".

  • “Professional Headshot” 10 000 uah

    This is a full-fledged portrait photo shoot in the Headshot Style lasting up to 2 hours. It starts with “Basic Headshot” and training. At your choice, we shoot in "white" and "black" halls, use white backgrounds, shades of gray, black. During the shooting we have enough time to work out at least 3-4 characters or clothing options. Use of the studio wardrobe and accessories are included in the package. Immediately after completion, you will receive a minimum of 20 selected photos with the adaptation of "Profile Picture". And for a few years you will completely close the issue of profile photography in communicators, social networks, accounts, etc.

  • “Portrait” 20 000 uah

    This is a package offer for your personal brand. We start with a photo shoot in the Headshot Style and training, and then work out pre-agreed with you references and creative ideas. We can use any hall or background, composition, cropping/framing, poses, etc.. For best results, this package includes the services of a stylist and a specialist in hair and makeup. Upon completion, you will receive a wide selection of portraits and everything you may need for your personal brand.

  • “Exclusive” 35 000 uah

    In this package offer, we are ready to implement any of your ideas. The cost includes the work of the entire team of Photostudio "Headshot" on your project within one working day.

Corporate offers

We offer to our corporate clients group portrait photo shoots in the Headshot Style that meet the uniform requirements for the style of your brand.

Typically, we take a “Basic Headshot” or “Professional Headshot” or “Portrait” as the basis for a corporate photo shoot and adapt it to your requirements. Depending on the number of people who need to make a Business Portrait, we have a progressive system of discounts:

  • from   5 to 10 people: 5%
  • from 11 to 20 people: 10%
  • from 21 to 30 people: 20%
  • from 31 to 40 people: 30%
  • from 41 and more: 40%

Typically, clients come to our Photostudio “Headshot”, where everything is ready and adapted for shooting, but we will be happy to shoot in the place of your choice, whether it is another photo studio or your office. The cost of organizing a “mini studio” in your office will be from 5,000 UAH, and in other studios by prior arrangement.

Contact us and we will develop the best and most advantageous individual offer based on your needs.

Photostudio "Headshot" rental

We are pleased to offer you the rental of our creative space – Photostudio “Headshot”.

The cost of rent is 1000 UAH per 1 hour and includes the use of the entire studio, namely the guest area, white and black halls with all equipment, gear and accessories.

We provide instruction on the use of equipment, and if you wish, we can set up any lighting scheme for you. The cost is UAH 500 for 1 scheme.

The minimum rental order is 1 hour.

The maximum number of visitors, in addition to staff, is 10 people.

Only one customer (up to 10 people) can be in the studio at a time. Our clients do not intersect with each other, because we always take a 30-minute break for cleaning and disinfection.

Contact us for reservations, and if you order more than 2 hours, we can provide discounts.